Shaolin Panther Kung Fu

One the oldest styles of Chinese martial arts, Shaolin Kung Fu originated in the Buddhist Shaolin temple in Henan, a province in China. It is more than 1500 years old and it has become one of the largest and the most popular schools of kung fu. The name Shaolin also denotes the so-called external styles of kung fu. In fact, many Chinese styles are currently known under the name Shaolin. Kung-Fu Style Shaolin styles are represented by various animals. One of Kung Fu styles is Shaolin Panther Kung Fu. Shaolin chose two Cats as the first Animals. Although these animals look similar there is great difference between them. The Panther may look similar to the Tiger, but there are some essential differences between these two great Cats. The Panther was born after the Tiger. It is smaller and does not boast the family title of the King of Animals. Being the second born it needs to find something to be the best at, something to specialize in. In general, all the great Cats except Tiger do possess unique skills that complement their shortcomings such as strength and size. So let's look into special skills of some of the lesser Great Cats!
Lions are excellent hunter. They also have large mane which protects them from being killed by ripping the throat out.
Superior stalking and ability to chase the pray with great speed make Cheetahs stand out.
Snow Leopard can easily kill the pray which is three times bigger their size. Their great camouflage helps them sneak around unnoticed and they can jump 9 meters.
Puma (Cougar) can manage pray three times his own size as well, plus it has powerful front paws to ensure firm grasp on the pray.
A good swimmer, Jaguar easily crushes the pray's head with its jaws in one leap. Lynx are excellent night hunters. They are known for outstanding hearing ability and can see a mouse which is more than 80 meters away.
Clouded Leopard prefers to live above 2000 meters, and mostly in trees. They have a habit of hanging upside down from a branch and catch their prey by jumping down from the tree.
Black Footed Cat is the smallest of the lesser Great cats. It has foot pad protection ideal for the desert environment and fantastic hearing.
Fishing Cat is good at fishing. It even has partially webbed front paws. Its camouflage that resembles a tree branch helps remain unnoticed when fishing.
Bob Cat can lay motionless waiting for the pray to approach. It is one of the oldest breed of cats which is over a million years old.
Caracal Cats are excellent night hunters. The cat's ear with 20 separate muscles ensures superior hearing that enables it to detect the pray in the dark.
A Great Cat (Greater Yang) and a Lesser Great Cat (Lesser Yang) represent the two proactive Animal Styles. The two types imply that there is much in common between them but still there are some key differences. The King can be only one but there can be many Princes. But if these princes want to survive in the wild they should develop good survival skills that make them unique. Ever wanted to try Shaolin Kung Fu? The best and real ones are in Costa Mesa, CA. Visit Martial Arts Costa Mesa to get your free lesson.
So, if the Tiger Style is Action, Right Now, Just Do, the Panther Style is about observing, strategic planning and preparation. The Panther Style is ideal for thinkers and planners. If a Tiger has a natural ability, the Panther is a Scientific Style relying on learned skill. In other words, the Panther Style is something that everyone can learn and develop.
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