The Panther

The Panther aka the Black Panther is a member of the large cat family. This cat family is typically native to the Americas, Africa, and Asia. The Black Panther itself is not recognized by science as its own species but is used more generally in referring to any big black feline found in the large cat family. A Black Panther is usually a jaguar or leopard. Although, the Black Panther has adapted strongly to a variation of habitats around the globe. They are considered the strongest climber in the family of large cats. While this large cat may not be classified as its own species, it is still consider to be endangered because of the declining amount of both jaguars and leopards found throughout their native lands. Black Jaguar Black panthers are typically black or a darker brown and is physically identical to the species in which it was derived from. Unlike the jaguar or leopard, a black panther will have no spots but instead a silky coat of very dark solid fur. Panthers for the most part have a smaller head, a strong jaw, and green eyes. Their hind legs are both longer and larger than those found at the felines front. The black panther is one of the largest felines in the large cat family and is able to roar which not all felines are able to preform.
Originally, the black panther was found on three different continents. The location depended upon if the panther was from the jaguar or leopard species. In total there are about thirty variations of leopard subspecies found throughout Asia and Africa. At one time South and Central America were one of the largest natural ranges where the jaguar roamed. The U.S. itself even held a population of black panther. Since then the black panther has adapted itself to many different habitats but they can commonly be found in deciduous forests or tropical regions. Unfortunately, a massive amount of the large cat family are becoming rarer due to the loss of habitat from deforestation.
The black panther is an extremely agile and intelligent animal. They are rarely seen by humans in the wild because of their stealth agility. Their dark fur allows them to camouflage in the darkness of night as well as the shadows of the surrounding forest. The panther likes to lead a solitary life, coming alive mainly in the night. These nocturnal creatures spend most of their days resting high up in the tree tops. The jaguar, panther, and leopard are all extremely skilled climbers that not only rest in the trees but also hunt in the trees. The trees allow the cats to obtain a birds eye view of their prey. The Panther is very aggressive causing many other surrounding animals to fear it.
The black panther is a carnivore. It hunts under the cover nightfall and it's dark fur makes it nearly impossible for the panther to be spotted. This allows the black panther to move through the jungle completely undetected. Even though much of their hunting is done on ground-level, they are known from ambushing their prey from the trees above. The diet of a black panther is dependent on the habitat around him. A black panther's usual diet includes a variety of herbivores - deer, wild boar, antelope, warthogs, and rabbits.
Unfortunately , panthers as well as other many large felines have been hunted by people for trophy sport for many centuries. They are mainly coveted for their fur. This has resulted in massive declines in the population of both jaguars and leopards alike. In some cases these large cats have completely disappeared from many regions around the globe. Panthers are not exempt from this decline as they struggle to maintain populations in America, Africa, and Asia. They are rarer now more than ever. The only people who catch a glimpse of these majestic creatures are the ones who are truly looking. They search for marks on the trees or tracks on the ground. However, black panthers have stealth like capabilities and are commonly known as the ghost of the jungle.